Find Your Perfect Domain Name!

It's really simple to get a domain through NameValet. Find your perfect domain name, then make an offer, bid at auction or simply buy it now. The process is so easy!

NameValet uses for all transactions. Not only does offer their service with the lowest transaction fees in the business, they are also the most trusted name in payments.

When you win an auction, Buy It Now, or send an offer that is accepted by the Seller, we create an transaction and send the link to you for payment. You will send your payment through, and the process begins. Once receives your payment they will alert the seller to begin the domain name transfer.

The Seller then begins the transfer process (time to completion varies with the registrar) and lets know they began the process. You have the option to accept or reject the transfer. Once you accept, releases payment to the seller. If you would like more details about the payment process, please visit their website.

You have your plan, all you need is the perfect domain name! What do you do if that name is already taken? Fear not, fellow business person! We are here to help!

NameValet has many different payment options for you. Many of our listings have a Buy It Now price, and some are listed with a Make An Offer option. Buy It Now prices don't include the transaction fee, simply the price of the domain auction. If you Make An Offer, the owner may choose to accept or negotiate to get the best deal. You may also want to negotiate the payment of transaction fees...

Name Valet Auctions - love the feeling of winning? Search the NameValet Auctions page to see what names are being auctioned. You can see bids made by other parties and can see how long the auction has left, assuring you won't miss the final sale.